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Porcelain Crowns Kusadasi reinforced porcelain structures without any metal or any other material in their infrastructure.Although natural teeth feature translucency, metal supported porcelains have no such feature. This has caused the emergence of full ceramic porcelains without metal support. A more natural, livelier and aesthetic appearance can be attained since the translucency of full ceramic porcelains is much closer to natural teeth.

What is a Porcelain Crowns?

Porcelain crown procedure is a process when an artificial tooth shaped replacement installed over a tooth. It covers the tooth restoring its strength, shape and size. It also makes the tooth look better. When installed in place, the crown completely covers the tooth starting from the gum line.

When Porcelain crowns may be needed?

Crowns can be used in the following cases:

  • Preventing a weak tooth from breaking
  • Holding parts of a broken tooth together
  • Replacing a broken or a worn down tooth
  • Supporting and covering a tooth with a significant Filling
  • Holding a Dental Bridge in place
  • Hiding misshaped or discolored teeth
  • Replacing a lost tooth when placed on a Dental Implant

Treatment Time Porcelain Crowns Kusadasi 

Before the crowns can be installed, you may need to get your teeth prepared. There may be a need for a root canal treatment or some dental fillings.  As for the duration, the first stage of the treatment will take 2 days. During that time we will get your teeth prepared and will take impressions for the crowns. If the teeth extraction is needed, it will also be done at the first stage of the treatment, and a temporary crown can be placed instead of the extracted tooth. After that, the dental laboratory needs around 4 working days to perform their work. The permanent crowns can be installed after that, and the installation itself requires an additional day.

What are the crowns made of?

Permanent crowns can be made of various materials, starting from all metal ones, through porcelain fused to metal and ending at all porcelain or all resin.

How do I have to care for my temporary dental crown?

The temporary dental crowns are a temporary solution installed for the time needed for the permanent crown to be prepared. Our dentists recommend to take precautions for the time when the temporary crown is in use. You should avoid sticky and chewy food such as chewing gum or caramel as it could pull the crown off. You should also try to use the other side of the mouth in order not to put the temporary crown at risk. Most of the chewing should be done by the other side of the mouth, where the crown is not fitted. Any hard food such as raw vegetables can also harm your temporary crown, therefore you should try to avoid it as they can misplace or even break the crown.

Is any special care required in regards to a crowned tooth? Porcelain Crowns Kusadasi

You don’t need to worry about any special care for your crowned tooth. Simply remember to observe a proper oral hygiene, and brush your teeth twice a day at minimum in order to prevent decay or gum disease.

Is it worth to get dental Porcelain Crowns Kusadasi ?

Of course! Crowns in our country give you a chance for the best quality service and allow you to save some money. We offer dental crowns in Kusadasi, Turkey.