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Organ transplantation in Turkey has progressed and achieved a great successes because of the advanced medical facilities and modern technologies used in organ transplantation which makes Turkey one of the developed and polarizing countries for patients coming for Medical Tourism in general, and organ transplantation in particular, it provides multiple programs for human organ transplantation, Such as kidney transplantation, liver transplantation, heart transplantation, cornea transplantation, pancreas transplantation.

A marked increase in the number of organ transplants in Turkey in 2019

According to the statistical data from the head of the Organ Transplant Services Department in the Turkish Ministry of Health, approximately 30,000 patients are waiting for organ transplantation to be performed in Turkey, 22,000 And 921 patients of them are waiting for kidney, and 2256 will enter the operating room to perform liver transplantation, where there are 1553 patients who had a corneal transplant operation and 1164 patients who had a heart transplant, and we have 298 patients will have a pancreas transplant.

Statistics also showed that 9 thousand and 447 organ and tissue transplants were performed in the past year 2019, including 3,851 kidney transplants, 3 thousand and 730 corneal transplants, 1776 liver transplants, 84 heart transplants, 33 lung transplants, and 3 Pancreas transplants.

Dr. Eyup Kahveci, head of the Turkey Organ Transplantation Foundation, explained in a media statement that the number of patients awaiting organ transplants is increasing by 20% every year.

Turkey is the first among European countries in organ transplantation

Dr. Kahveci added in his statement: “The Ministry of Health in Turkey is the only authority authorized in the matter of organ donation and transplantation, and several voluntary charitable institutions work with it to increase transplantation, and we have achieved more than 9 thousand transplantation for organs and tissues in the past year 2019, This is a high number in the health sector, and that is why we are the first in the European region for organ and tissue transplantation.