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The Gastric Band in Turkey

Gastric Band in Turkey,You have tried already something to reduce your weight permanently? You suffer from adiposity and want to do something against it? The Ephesus Aesthetic Team in Kusadasi will be glad to advise you about gastric surgery, the course of treatments, and comparison of costs. Please, contact us and ask any questions.

This will be placed from our specialists in an invasive method around your stomach. Under a general anaesthetic and with the keyhole surgery, it will be inserted with minimal cuts in your abdominal wall.

Your stomach is separated into two parts. A pouch the size of a tennis ball is formed and cannot take so much food as usual. If you take too much food an unpleasant pressure happens in the upper abdomen and throat and can cause nausea and vomiting. It’s a process of learning, because the feeling of hunger is still present.

Medical Procedure

  • Pre-operative Physician Examination – Pre-surgery tests & Consultations.
  • Laproscopic Gastric Band Operation inc general anesthesia.
  • All hospital care, including all medications.
  • Post-surgery check-up and care by your doctor
  • Post surgery check ups for 1 years.
  • 24/7 open emergency line

Hospital Facilities

  • Private for you and your partner, who may stay overnight at the hospital with you
  • Nursing Facilities from an experienced caring team 24/7
  • Meals for your partner 3 times per day during your hospital stay.
  • Do’s and Don’t Handbook of Gastric Band


  • On discharge from hospital  1 night in 4* accommodation in Kusadasi. Depending on the time of arrival some patients may be taken directly to the hospital.


  • All transfers are included airport-hotel, hotel-hospital, hospital-hotel, hotel-hospital, hospital-airport.

Why Travel to Turkey for Obesity Surgery?

·Combine your surgery with a holiday either for 1 or 2 weeks for you and your partner.

·Turkish hospitals have been performing gastric sleeve surgery for over 10 years

and it has now become the most commonly performed weight loss procedure